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Welcome to Kisan Agro about us

Kisan Agro has pioneered in developing new generation farmer's agribusiness organisations mainly Farmer Producer Companies (FPC) in the country. It was started under a World Bank funded project namely Kisan Agro Poverty Initiatives Project (KAPIP) in year 2019 in partnership with reputed Development Organizations. Aims of developing Farmers Producer Companies was to collectivize small and marginal farmers into the cluster level organization and ensuring backward and forward linkages with the market and various related services. Till 2019, only limited FPCs were working in Uttar Pradesh but after entry of Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC) into the promotion of farmer's producer's organization in the country, more than 100 FPCs were promoted in the state till January '2014. Subsequently, Department of Farmers Welfare & Agriculture Development, Government of M.P in collaboration with the Small Farmers' Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC) has promoted 120 new FPCs under RKVY and NFSM Projects. To coordinate and to provide higher order support to the FPCs, SFAC in partnership with State Department of Agriculture, Rajya Ajeevika Forum and various Development Organisations like Rabo Bank Foundation, ASA and others initiated to create a federation of the FPCs at the state level to provide marketing, Finance and others linkages to the member FPCs and leverage the benefits of economy of scale. Also the apex body would pursue the policy interventions with the State Government that are required for the continuous improvement in the enabling environmentfor the FPCs. It was also realized that such body should be a business model eventually although there may be some support required in the initial years of establishment.

We are a state federation of farmer's producers companies of Uttar Pradesh working through networks of 109 farmer's and 53 cooperatives and covering more than 2.24 lakh farmers of 43 Districts of Uttar Pradesh. This organization is promoted by Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC) Ministry of Agriculture & Cooperation, GoI New Delhi with the help of Rabo Bank Foundation, Department Farmers Welfare & Agriculture Development, Govt of Madhya Pradesh and some reputed Development Organizations. .


Our Vision

ransforming agriculture of > 1 million small & marginal farmers of Uttar Pradesh by 2025 from means of subsistence to profitable livelihood enterprises through promotion of collectivization, branding and better positioning in the supply/value chain”.


Our Objective

To create an umbrella support to member FPOs particularly on market, financial linkages, brand development, value adding, agri extension, insurance and leverage & transfer the benefits of the economy of scale